Drinking Water

 Drinking water daily is essential to your health, and without water your body would stop working properly. By drinking water, you can gain tremendous health benefits. If the body doesn’t have enough water it will become dehydrated, as it is composed of 55% to 78% water, depending on size. In the human body, watertransports nutrients and oxygen into cells, moisturizes the air in the lungs, helps with metabolism, regulates body temperature, and also protects the vital organs. The human body doesn’t get water only from drinking water – any fluids the body intakes will contain water, but water and milk are generally the best sources.

I can honestly say I am not a fan of drinking plain water because to me, it is tasteless. I have learned to squeeze lemon juice into water before drinking it, and I also now eat a lot more fruits and vegetables, because they are composed of 70% water. Researching drinking water has taught me a lot about how much to drink daily and when is best to drink it. The benefits of healthy water consumption are many, and if plain drinking water is undesirable, other good sources include milk and fresh fruits.


Picture Source: http://inhabitat.com/researchers-announce-new-way-to-creating-drinking-water-from-air/