About H&C

Nursing Agency in Bensalem PAAt H&C nursing care, our priorities are not only with our clients, but the employees. With satisfied employees, who are proficient and qualified in their field and dedicated to their assignment, comes satisfied clients, patients, and a better future for you and your family.
Nursing Agency in Bensalem PAHealth, along with other issues, taints our community. Our goal is to unite health care with healthy activities. H&C prides itself in bringing you what you need, when you need it the most.
Nursing Agency in Bensalem PACOMPASSION: We demonstrate care, concerns and considerate for our patient and family and each other. We seriously take our role as patient advocates.We strive to bring the human touch to all our interactions and help each other.
ACCOUNTABILITY: At H&C nursing care we take responsibility for our actions. We strive to achieve excellent results and accept responsibility for overcoming problems. We avoid blaming others, we will never say it’s not my job. We are committed to honesty in words and actions.

RESPECT: We treat all patients, individuals and family equally and with dignity. We show our respect by the courtesy we extend to anyone. We recognize the values, diversity and importance of each other and those we serve at our nursing agency.

EXCELLENCE: We show excellence in the way we strive to exceed expectations in everything we do. We demand competence and encourage professional and personal growth for every member of our health care team.

SERVICE: We strive to do the right thing by ensuring that our actions are in line with our mission,vision and values.We are committed to understanding the needs and expectations of our patients, families and customers that we serve.


Nursing agency that goes the extra mile

If you are looking for a quality nursing agency in the surrounding areas of Coatesville, PA and Bensalem, PA, call and let us give you the service you deserve: from home care assistance to companionship, call us at 484-359-4357 or fill out our form and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible.