What Is Physiotherapy?

The cause of foot pain varies for each individual. A recognized cure for common foot ailments such as stress fractures, ankle sprains and heel pain is physiotherapy. Tendonitis is also another condition that physiotherapy can relieve. Some types of foot pain may be caused by a condition called Morton’s neuroma for which you may want to try Mortons neuroma shoes.

When you visit your physiotherapist, he or she will take a medical history to determine the cause of your foot pain. Seeing a physiotherapist he or she will be able to determine if you have any other medical condition which could contribute to the foot pain that you are experiencing. Diabetic patients do not only benefit immensely from exercises conducted by a physiotherapist, but also receive care to prevent the loss of limbs.

Footwear is also a contributing factor to foot pain, and is another area physiotherapy focuses on. Painful arches, corns, and bunions are but some of the issues faced by individuals who loves wearing ill-fitting or high heeled footwear. To alleviate the foot pain, the physiotherapist will recommend the use of specific shoe insoles as a solution. For removal of bunions and corns on the feet, one will have to visit a podiatrist, who specializes in foot problems. Another treatment you may want to consider to alleviate foot pain is called iontophoresis with dexamethasone.

A common issue for athletes are sprained or twisted ankles. To relieve the condition, one must use a hot or cold compress until the swelling dissipates. But for professional athletes, they need instant resolution. Through physiotherapy, a serious athlete can quickly get back to top form. Physiotherapy has specialized exercises and treatment methods which not only heal, but also strengthen the affected area.

Some jobs can cause severe foot pain for employees as their occupation requires them to stand for long ours. This does not only limits a person’s ability for movement, but can also affect his or her health as movement if a huge factor in keeping oneself healthy. These individuals need physiotherapy immediately. In addition to massage by a licensed physiotherapist who knows which muscles to manipulate, taping of the feet can also be used as well as the recommendation of corrective footwear and posture. For those who suffer foot pain because of their job, a licensed physiotherapist can give you several treatment methods which you can perform at work to alleviate the pain.

Foot pain is a common part of life and can be get rid off through many methods. Physiotherapy is a safe and fast solution in getting rid of foot pain.