Women’s Workout Suggestions for Buns and Thighs


The buns and thigh region of the body can be rather stubborn when it comes to firming them up and getting rid of fat. While belly fat can be arduous to shed, the fat collected on the  lower body is often more difficult to trim. However, if you do the proper sorts of exercises and maintain a regular exercise routine, you will have the ability, in due course, to meet your fitness goals. To assist you in making quicker advancement, we’ll analyze some confirmed bodybuilding workouts to provide you with the buns and thighs you’ve always sought after.

When it comes to working your thighs, the squat is a great, basic and very helpful fitness routine that you should be doing. You can execute these with or without weights. If you’re unfamiliar with working out with weights, you may want to test out doing some free squats in the beginning. To perform the exercise, begin by standing with your feet placed shoulder width apart, then squat through the knees, and maintain a straight back and having your thighs analogous to the ground. If you use weights, you can use either barbells or dumbbells for added benefits, and if you go to a gym there will be a special squat rack where you can do this exercise. Attempt to progressively add to the amount of repetitions as you complete every few workouts.

If this is a new exercise for you, start slowly and don’t strain, and remember to keep your back straight to avoid injury.

For an effective all body workout, consider trying kettle bells. Kettle bells, a type of dumbbell that originated in Russia, are designed to help increase your flexibility, endurance and strength. They are available at most sporting supply stores or online and are sized in a variety of different weights. To learn how to use them properly, you may want to take a class or view an informational video on their suggested use. Unlike traditional weight lifting, kettle bell workouts focus on aerobics as well as toning the muscles, making them a great way to burn fat while toning your body.

Basic free weights can be used to create a powerful exercise for strengthening your body and your legs, buns and back in particular. This is a basic weightlifting exercise that every bodybuilder has been doing since long before the current fitness trends. While keeping your back as straight as possible, you simply bend down and pick up a barbell. Be careful not to strain your back when you start doing this exercise. You should start with a weight where you can do a set of ten reps, then work on the number of sets you can do.

While there are many options for toning your buns and thighs, the above are some of the best exercises for this purpose. If you find that it’s hard for you to make progress, don’t get discouraged but try varying your workouts from time to time. Varying your routine helps jump start progress because each different exercise you do will work the muscles groups in a slightly different manner.

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