Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle

A popular lifestyle of the 21st century is one that includes trying to get fit and live a long healthy life, but many are under the wrong impression of what is actually required to achieve these goals. A healthy lifestyle requires that one abides by strict dieting guidelines and a proper exercise routine. A healthy weight is determined by an individual’s body mass index, calculated based on height, weight and sex. Proper exercise begins with a specific goal, which can include muscle hypertrophy, muscle tone, or total body fitness. Along with staying fit, individuals often aim at looking their best, while simultaneously building their self efficacy.

Proper nutrition includes adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids. The exercise routine for individuals who want to live healthy lifestyles includes a wide range of aerobic exercises such as biking, running, walking and swimming. For these exercises, muscular strength and endurance is required, because more calories being are burned during the resting period of typical day due to increased muscle mass. While acquiring a healthy lifestyle, one must be committed to their new healthy diet and exercise regimens. Creating a healthy lifestyle requires an individual to completely change their eating habits and to integrate exercise into their daily routine. Constant reminders of the numerous positive benefits from exercising, such as improved self appearance, self confidence, and living a longer and healthier life, will help you to better maintain this new lifestyle.


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