Exercise = Healthier


It has been proven that with a healthier lifestyle individuals are able to live longer, and have a functioning lifestyle. Nutrition plays an important role in health, because people are unaware of what they are putting in their bodies. In today society, people live fast pace lives due to school work, extra curricular actives, etc. Due to the constant fast pace live, people are prone to eating fast foods, because they are quick, convenient and cheaper than cooking a meal. Although fast foods may be in expensive and cater to a person’s busy schedule, the hamburgers, fries, etc are not healthy for you.

People that may work out ask if it would be appropriate for them to eat fast foods due to their active backgrounds? The answer to that question is, No. If you’re working towards staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your nutrition must be taken as seriously as your fitness. Working out may help  improve these results, but only for a matter of time. If an individual isn’t eating right to help maintain their healthy lifestyle, the purpose of working out is defeated.

Eating well involves the 6 Essential nutrients; carbohydrates, proteins, water, minerals, vitamins, and fat. The Essential nutrients all need to be equally eaten in moderation in order to maintained a balanced diet. The recommend calorie intake for an individual is 2000 calories, but one has to be able to evenly spilt the food portion intake equally to stay within the calorie amount allowed.